Aga Elise Ranges



With ornate detailing inspired by the French, the AGA Elise brings a bespoke style adaptable to a variety of kitchen designs from traditional to country chic. Designed and built in the United Kingdom, this range is a technical masterpiece, the embodiment of exquisite quality and stylish, thoughtful design.


Available in an assortment of sophisticated finish options, the AGA Elise range offers multi-oven multitasking in one alluring form.



Nothing adds sophistication and savoire vivre to your kitchen design with the panache and Provençal style than the AGA Elise 36”. A true European mastery of cooking, its performance parallels in quality for a cooking experience that satisfies your eye as well as your palate.

Every AGA Elise 36” features a multifunction oven with seven settings including true European dual-convection cooking, fan-assisted baking, browning, thaw and serve, convection broiling, warming, and conventional cooking.

The five-burner gas cooktop features sealed-brass burners with an exceptionally large center burner for oversized stockpots and wok cooking. Interlocking cast iron grates provide a continuous surface to slide pans across the cooktop and can be removed for easier cleaning.

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With the AGA Elise 48” model, three separate ovens totaling six cubic feet can cook as little or as much as you want—and each space-efficient oven can fit a 25-pound turkey.

The multifunction AGA Elise 48” oven offers seven cooking options including Defrost, Convection, Convection Broiling, Fan Assist Bake, Conventional, Browning, and Base Heat. It also comes equipped with a telescopic shelf that prevents it from tipping forward when removing food from the oven. A second, extra-large true European convection oven evenly circulates heat for excellent cooking performance.

The AGA Elise 48” Induction Model offers an extra-large, five-zone, ceramic glass induction cooktop as an alternative to a gas cooktop. Induction cooking is safe and efficient, making use of 90% of the available heat, as compared to 55% with that of a gas burner.

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